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About Boneland's Defunct Series:

Boneland's Defunkt section is a collection of totally, wicked-cool cartoon web series, web comics and exploding things that fizzled out long before their time. Why aren't these things on television you ask? Because you haven't emailed your local broadcaster yet, that's why. Slacker.

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Billiam Duck
A motor-mouthed duck so lovable you just want to shoot him.

The misadventures of Boneland's most notable hero, Jeb, and his friends.

The Court of Judge Hellfire
Mean-spirited shaming of celebrity offenders.

Terrible Things
A daily comic strip featuring a 500 foot tall, fire breathing, lizard vegetarian named Lyle.

Muck Cannon
The humbling of annoying celebrity personalities by way of a giant cannon.

Explosion of the Week
The interactive instant gratification of exploding a variety of topical newsmakers.

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