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About Boneland's One Shots:

Boneland's One Shots are a fairly self-explanatory collection of misfit cartoon short films of varying degrees of humor, satirical offensiveness and pithy catch phrases.

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Daily Whorescope
The one about the astrologer who's horoscopes take a sadistic turn.

Turn Your Head and Coffee
The one about expresso or espresso.

Stray Bullet
The one about the bullet that generally upsets viewers who don't get dark satire.

Animated Dictionary: Defenestrate
The one about learning new words through unfortunate examples.

Friggin Retards
The one about the insensitive things people say sometimes.

Memories by the Lake
The one about the two guys reminiscing about the summers of their youth.

Explaining the Universe
The one with the science that's simply beyond the scope of the layman brain.

Instructional Aptitude Exercises
The one about patting your head and rubbing your tummy.

Backyard Bar B Q
The one about the guy and the propane bar-b-q.

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