Cast/Crew Biographies

Though the principal cast and crew of Minushi remains small, we'd like to acknowledge the voice talent of Tara Lutchman and Jay Donaldson who also contributed to the cast.

Tyler Gibb - (tyler + minushi ! com)

Since breaking through online in 1998 with his first Flash animation, The Stress Relief Aquarium Tyler has spent years stockpiling animated weapons of mass distraction at his home-base of In 2003 the script for Minushi was finally hatched and Tyler has devoted his time exclusively to developing the feature since then.

Tyler wrote, draws, animates and creates sound effect for Minushi. He also plays Khal Kekoa, Mr. Tinker, Ezra, General Werner as well as additional voices.

Visit for the latest on Tyler's work.

Vidya Lutchman

Whether she's performing her duties as an editor for the local Montreal pop culture guide The Mirror, singing her heart out with guitar in hand or performing the leading role of Minushi, Vidya is all about voice.

Vidya plays Trixi Asha as well as additional voices in Minushi.

Hear Vidya's music on her website

Marc Schultz

Man of action, travel and fringe media, Marc is editor-in-chief of Fulltank Magazine and plays guitar for self proclaimed crap-rock trio Gateway Badgers. Marc is an avid surfer but lives 600 kilometers from the beach.

Marc lends his guitar skills to the soundtrack to Minushi as well as performing additional voices.

Listen Marc's band at

Andrew Rotheram

Formerly the editor of popular web column, aminormal, Andrew now dresses respectibly and jockey's a desk as an upper case Marketing Manager somewhere important.

Andrew performs various voices in Minushi.

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