Minushi has been and continues to be a labour of love that could not be possible without the direct as well as indirect support of a whole whack of people. Whether your role has been to be gracious enough to humour my passion or whether you're a fan of the movie and have written in with your kind words of support, you don't have to be listed on this page to have my eternal gratitude.

Vidya; Minushi simply could not be without your support and creative input.

Mom and Dad; for your confidence.

Marc, Drew, Tara and Jay; for your contributions and feedback.

Taanis, Kevin and all my good friends; for keeping up to speed - it means a lot.

Amanda; for your feedback on the script.

Cathie; for being Amused and always there.

Scott for lending your musical stylings (check out Scott's music at

Lois Siegel for help and support (

The few, the proud, the remaining Babble Board Boneheads who've hung in there through thick and thin.

Tom at



- tyler

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