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Rounding Up the Obscure and Celebrated
By Mercedes Milligan - Animation Magazine

We count ourselves lucky to exist in a time when new trails are being blazed in all corners of the animation industry... [read more (PDF) or (GIF)]

Feature Length Film in Flash?
By Jens C. Brynildsen - Flash Magazine

You've heard of animations done using Flash, but a Feature length film? That's what Tyler Gibb has done single handed! [read more]

One-man movie
By Matthew Woodley - Mirror

Four years, 7,000 hours, 2,000 sheets of paper, one gazillion frames, a script, a plot, a score. One man. Well, it's pretty much safe to say that Tyler Gibb doesn't get out much. [read more]

D.I.Y. Flash-Animated Feature Film Launches Online
By Anthony Kaufman - The Daily Reel

Tyler Gibb, a 31-year-old Montreal-based animator, has spent the last four years toiling away by hand on his flash-animated 2-D feature "Minushi." [read more]

Doc Details Solo Feature Effort
By Ryan Ball - Animation Magazine

If you've ever wondered what it takes to make a feature film all by yourself, you can check out an online documentary series titled Details: Making a Movie Called Minushi... [read more]

Minushi Director Reveals Production Process
By Aaron Simpson - Cold Hard Flash

With his feature film now 'in the can,' Tyler Gibb has started releasing a series of 'making of' shorts detailing the process behind Minushi. [read more]

The Daily Reel - Video Podcast March 28
By Felicia Williams

By Toronto Animated Image Society

Here's a jawdropper...a full 95-minute feature written and produced by one guy. [read more]

By J. Howell - Dot Com Dish

Canadian animator Tyler Gibb took four years to write, draw and animate Minushi, an epic story of the human spirit... [read more]

Viewer Comments

The following are but a handful of hundreds of comments that have come in from viewers who have experienced portions of Minushi released online:

"Beautiful... Simply stunning. The graphics were exceptional, the sound was very well done, and most importantly, I felt a connection to the two main characters and wanted to see them succeed. That only happens with good writing and great design. Bravo."

*       *       *

"Some of the shots blew me away. They looked like bits from Blade Runner they were that good. The voice work was amazing too. The voices captured the characters amazingly well and the music was perfect."

*       *       *

"It's got a great storyline (the idea of giant invading robots actually doesn't seem cliche) with a nice sense of mystery. The art style is unique, and the amount of detail really pays off... What I like most is that this movie goes out of its way to be believable. The characters seem like real people, not just a drawing with two or three character traits. The excellent voices play a big role in this. The fights also seem realistic, and avoided using an overpowered hero who can destroy enemies by the dozen, there's a genuine sense of tension you don't often find."

*       *       *

"Minsuhi is probably the most amazing Flash Feature I have ever seen! The trailer is great, and I can't wait for the DVD to come out!"

*       *       *

"Do you have any plans to release the "full feature" of Minushi on DVD and/or as a download from your website? I'm sorry if you get this message a lot, but I just really wanted to know. I know I'd buy the DVD if you released it. Just wondering.

*       *       *

"I'm a huge fan of Minushi, in fact I've never been this dedicated to a series, not on tv, not a web based one... but minushi... It just keeps getting better and better. You're an amazing writer and animator and you have some great voice actors... Keep up the good work :)

*       *       *

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